Look at the results for a Jung personality test I did.

ENTJ - "Field Marshall". The basic driving force and need is to lead. Tends to seek a position of responsibility and enjoys being an executive. 1.8% of total population.
Try the Jung Personality Test (similar to Myers-Briggs/MBTI)

If only I had tried for the Indian Army.
Who knows - I might have had a parade ground or a road named after me :)

I couldn't agree more...click on the image for a larger view
Bollywood legend Shami Kapoor coupled with the king of all playback singers - Mohd. Rafi - create magic in the following video. If you thought Anu Mallik was the only copy-cat in Bollywood, you're so wrong!

Autogato - would you call this plagiarism or creativity? ;)

For another perspective - click here

For me however - Shammi and Rafi rock :)