I happened to unearth this really old article I had written for mtvindia.com in 1999, while still in college.


Nothing could be a better attention grabber than that. For the tube lights who still have the 'gases' running through their bheja, this is probably the first girls college any Bangalorean can think of. Interested persons may read on.

MCC - Also known as the 'fashion ramp' college because of the number of models and Miss India's it has produced. Of course, this college has also produced some excellent sports persons, contingent commanders (defence type dudettes), businesswomen, journalists and actors. In simpler words, the BESTEST girls are here.

How to get there: Ask any guy for directions.

Best mode of transportation: A CBZ or any cool bike, cos only that will help u 'pick up' the chicks.

Dress code: a 'modest' code, the meaning of which only the princi knows.

Places to visit: The drives, curves, canteen, auditorium, dilapidated buildings and union room.

Danger zones: The English dept. and the main gate. Can be visited only if u wanna get jacked.

People to visit: Sr. Jesuina (princi), Chechi (lady in the canteen), Mutthu (the keys guy) and the nutty union.

People to avoid: Mrs. Ranita Hirji, Mr. Ramesh, Miss Priscila, The librarian, the dogs on the drive and all people mentioned in this article, when they’re in a bad mood.

Most wanted students: Kavita Shekar (college prez.) and Jyotsna Grover (general sec. alias 'attendance girl')

Hang out spots: The drive, the canteen and the porch.

Things to do: Eat Chechi's greasy donuts and talk about your latest diet, eat in general, hang out at the cool spots, pass comments at others when really jobless, get jacked by the lecturers, study once in a while and attend cultural fests.

Courses offered: PUC - Science, Commerce and Arts, BA, BCom, BSc, MCom and some vocational courses such as Travel and Tourism (if u wanna go abroad), Communicative English (to communicate when u go abroad) and Nutrition & Dietetics (So that u don’t get constipated when you are abroad).

Admission criteria: U gotta be
1) Female or convincing enuff.
2) Smart and good looking
3) A smart 'ass'et to the college.

If admission is still tough then either become a catholic, or a model.

Types of people found: Mad nuts, wannabe babes, serious studs, enthu patakis, dramatic dudettes, freakin fuskis and college and admin. staff.

Facilities available for treating the above: Psycho lab, Science lab, Playground with the works, Library, Chapel and greasy canteen food.

Other facilities: Audis with sad and good acoustics, loads of old buildings and a Coca-Cola counter.

Co-curricular activities: Adam teasing, gupshup, eating, fashion team, NCC, public speaking association, dramatics, quiz association, nature club etc etc etc.

Most happening event of the year: CUL-AH, the college fest that happens every January.

Most important activity throughout the year: Yenjayment!!!!

Greatest achievers of MCC: Lara Dutta, Vasundhara Das, Maya Sharma, Nisha Millet and Aparna Popat to name a few...

and now you can even add Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma to this list!