"Originally the Whoopass Girls, the Powerpuff Girls were created by CalArts student Craig McCracken in 1992 in his short film Nikki's Ninja Fighting Superpowered Girls! in A Sticky Situation. The short was selected for Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation in 1994; subsequently McCracken submitted it to Cartoon Network while working on Dexter's Laboratory. As Cartoon Network couldn't keep the offending name, the girls were renamed the Powerpuff Girls.

As of March of 2006, The Powerpuff Girls has been taken off the air due to bad scheduling and a lack of popularity. However, episodes still air in Britain .... While many believe that the series is canceled, Craig McCracken denies this. He is currently busy working on Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, and most of the crew who worked on the series is busy with other projects. McCracken states that in time, he will make a few more episodes of The Powerpuff Girls."
source: wikipedia

Whoopass girls...interesting :))
and I'm still not sure why it would feature in the sick and twisted cartoons festival.... twisted maybe...but not sick!

For those who want to download the spoof on the beatles, click here:

Wikipedia's take on The powerpuff girls Meet the Beat-Alls: